Places to Visit in Paris -

Places to Visit in Paris

If you are preparing your index for Places to visit in Paris, than you landed on right place. This city of romance where there is love even in the air, is one of the best tourist place to deal with. Without adding any Supreme title to the note, let's have a look on Places to visit in Paris.








The symbol of love, the most popular tourist attraction in Paris and world, the EIFFEL TOWER is amongst those few allurement which could draw several millions visitors per year assisting revenue for other tourist places in Paris as well. You can climb up this 324 meter tall buildings either by 1665 steps or with the help of lift to have an aerial look of Paris. This romantic tourist spot always occupy the top position in every individual's catalogue of “Places to visit in Paris”.


Arc de Triomphezz


The memorial of triumphal battles of Napoleon Bonaparte, 164 meter high and 148 meter wide Arc de Triomphe was built in the year 1806. In the modern era it is one of the best places to visit in Paris where you can witness the Perfect Blend of history and entertainment in the soil of France. With a small feethis Monument also offers you its crown for climbing; to feel spectacular view of fragrance of Paris.



Located in the Louvre Palace with one of a kind glass pyramid crowned at its entrance, the Louvre Museum was positioned of the top amongst world’s most visited museums. It houses a collection of more than 1 million antiques including Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” Greek statue, “Venus of Milo” and “Dying Slave” of Michelangelo which positions the museum in the list of ‘Places to visit in Paris’.



 Situated at highest point of Paris i.e Montmartre hill, Sacre Coeur is one among the most popular landmarks in Paris. The place offers you angelic views of stained-glass windows, gold mosaics and one among the world’s largest clocks. With free entrance you can visit Sacre Coeur any day between 6 am to 10:30 pm. You can't trace an individual who could place the same;out from the draft of 'Places to visit in Paris'.



 Centre Pompidou, a cultural point in Beaubourg designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers in 20th century is also among the 'best places to visit in Paris' that owns 20th and 21st century art collections. You can also witness internationally renowned exhibitions that are organized every year along with permanent collections.


 Encapsulating a thought of what to do in Paris is equivalent to a crime admirable city offers you 'n' numbers of diverse destinations who have a visit such darling points makes the list of "PLACES TO VISIT IN PARIS" even pleasant.


Written by – Palash R Deshmukh