Places to Visit in New York State -

Places to Visit in New York State

If you are about to search for Places to visit in New York state, you are veritably frisking for a place filled with beauty, enthusiasm, art and entertainment. New York is actually the state where you can trace diverse places and people from diverse culture, work field, colour and opinions staying under a unifiedumbrella of love and affiliation. So tie your belts to go for places to visit in New York State .




Located near the lake named Placid and in the lap of beautiful Adirondack Mountains, Lake Placid is a beautiful and attractive village thatattracts the visitors across the globe to witness its charm and adventurous trailsat least once in a while.The place also felicitate various sports like Kayaking or canoeing, rafting, boat tour and different shopping options near the place itself which drawscalm Lake Placid to the list of “Places to visit in New York State” .



Your visit to New York is a completely waste if you don't have Statue of Liberty in your visiting list. It is one of America's most recognizable symbol having Impressions on entire world . You can catch its admirable view from Liberty Island or even from Battery Park. This place is a must visit in the queue of Places to visit in New York State.



the New York City or the City of New Yorka spread in the area over 750 km Square is the most populous city in United State having population over 8.5 Millions. the city attracts at an average of over 60 million tourists from foreign and America itself. Surely the city should be included in the list of 'Places to visit in New York state' as it has over 100 kilometres of Parkland and over 22 kilometres for beaches.


Letchworth State Park

This 14,427-acre of state park positioned in Livingston and Wyoming counties is all set to Captivate you in this region of complete Joy. It has also won USA Today's Reader's Choice competition being the best state park in the USA. Along with it, Letchworth State Park has also been named as the best state park in New York for its landscape photography.


Watkins Glen State Park

Dotted on the southern tip of Seneca Lake Watkins Glen is amongst the popular places to visit in New York in summeras you can dive in tent and trailer sites,hiking,  fishing, dump stations, hunting and cross-country skiing. it is also a Heaven for photographers as Deacon captured beautiful scenes of nature placed in the lap of Watkins Glen State Park.


So the trip to New York is perfectly a bet of profit where you can convert a simple trip into nothing less than an adventurous Safari by adding the above mentioned corners in the Index of "Places to visit in New York state".

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Written by Palash R Deshmukh