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British Airways is the familiar commercial airline in British. It has many routes and now become the biggest British airlines. The history of British Airways creation was started on the moment after World War 1 ended. One of the former companies of British Airways, Aircraft Transport and Travel (At&T) launched their scheduled International flights the first time in the world on 25th August 1919 from London to Paris.


On 31st March 1924, 4 airlines like Britania-Instone, Handly Page, Daimler Airways, and British Air Marine Navigation combined to be Imperial Airways which covered the flights to Australia and Africa. At the same time, some small airlines also combined to be big private commercial airlines called British Airways. Finally, British Government combined Imperial Airways and British Airways become British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC).


In 1950, the use of Jet aircrafts was started by BOAC by buying De Havilland Comet to empower their aircrafts. The initial flights had done to Johannesburg, South Africa in 1952. The operation of British Airways was operated from Heathrow International Airport, Gatwick Airport and Manchester International Airport. British Airways, at that time, is successfully dominated Heathrow International Airport and make them called by Heathrow Fortress. British Airways also dominate 36 % of Airport take off and Airplanes landing on the Heathrow Airport. This number was still increase to be 42 % when finally British Airways buy other routes from some small airlines companies.


However, British Airways is the first commercial airlines which introduced the use of bed seat at the aircrafts for long distance flights. On 8th September 2004, British Airways stated to sell their 18.5 % to Qantas but still survive their routes especially to Kangaroo Country. This Airlines is also one former of OneWorld Alliance, an alliance for commercial airlines around Europe.


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It is because sometimes British Airways also celebrate the certain moments like Christmas Eve, New Year and their birthday. At the certain moments like that, some people usually want to spend their free time for having a good holiday and finally makes every airport sounds crowded. Those commercial airlines finally held a discount moment to catch more passenger and get successful achievement.


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Aircraft Types

  • A380
  • 747-400
  • 777-300
  • 777 -200
  • 767-300
  • A321
  • A320
  • A319
  • A318
  • 757-200 (flown by OpenSkies)
  • Embraer 170/190 (flown by BA CityFlyer)

Baggage Allowance and Information

Economy allowances (UK Domestic, Euro Traveller, World Traveller, Eco)


British Airways Ticket Booking

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